10 Best Adult Android Apps

There are millions of downloadable applications on the market but you still want to look for a new kind of excitement that’s not seen in wholesome android apps. If you are in search of a different thrill, there are adult android apps available and are ready for installation on your gadgets that will give ideas on attaining pleasure and excitement. Of course, there are also poorly made and obnoxious applications so we list here the best adult android apps for your preference.

iKamasutra Lite Sex Positions:

iKamasutraWhat makes iKamasutra Lite Sex Positions standout from other adult android apps? The elegant interface couple with sensual background music will guide you from beginner to Kama Sutra master without being distasteful. Let Kamasutra android app coach you through various exciting positions which will increase the pleasure and intimacy between you and your darling. Whether you’re longing for some tenderness, complexity or hardness, this app can provide it all for you. Not in the mood to do things right? By shaking your phone, iKamasutra will give you a random position to try! Download this app now and see for yourself how it can take your pleasure to the next level.

Adult Sexy Game-Sex Roulette:

sex rouletteBeing with someone for so long doesn’t have to feel routine or monotonous. Adult apps android can bring the change you need to take that relationship with your significant other into a more intimate and passionate level. Just swipe the sex roulette app dial and be surprised on the different ways you and your partner can use different parts of your body to please each other. Use your five different senses to explore each other’s body and discover a heightened sexual experience this app can bring.

Truth or Dare – Adult Edition:

Truth or DareClassic truth or dare games are lifeless without the adult android app. Truth or Dare – Adult Edition has over 200 truths and dares choices and can play with a maximum of 8 players. This truth or dare app gives you 30 seconds each turn. A little pressure to answer those intimate questions or do those naughty dares increases the excitement of the game. If the player wants a little more time to think, that’s no problem. Just increase the seconds allotted and have fun watching your friends decide to be bold or not.

Adult Sexy Messages: (sexy sms messages, adult apps for android)

Adult Sexy MessagesFeeling down, stressed, bored and wanting for fun jokes to turn that frown up? Looking for sexy sms messages to tell your friends and have a laugh? Try this app and see if it’s for you. With the app’s share feature, you can impress people with your wit and make someone’s day better a few swipes away. You can also scroll through hundreds of funny adult jokes in its easy to use user interface. It offers offline messaging and chat engines to make communication less difficult and more fun! It’s a guaranteed great addition to your adult apps for android collection.

Strip Poker Girls:

Strip Poker GirlsIf you’re a fan of poker games and beautiful girls, then this app is for you. This strip poker android app features different poker games and sexy ladies waiting to reward you once you accumulated the right amount of chips. Strip poker app android is definitely more rewarding than other poker apps out there. Be amazed with revealing pictures of sexy ladies these adult app android offers. Why download poker apps with the same predictable gameplay when you can play hard in this app and make your efforts worth it?


Adult-DrawUnlike classic drawing guessing games available in the Play Store, this adult draw app features sexy images for you to take pleasure on. Have fun with your lover or friends as you take turns guessing what each other has drawn and you can even share it on Facebook and post your masterpiece on your timeline.  Unlike other free adult android apps, this offers a mature experience like no other. Download it now and take a break from your stressful environment. Pick up your phone, contact your friends and start adult drawing. Feeling generous? Just click the link in this app and support a charity today.

Sketch Guru:

Sketch GuruWatch you pictures undergo a dramatic change as sketch guru app turns your album into sketches. This best adult android app guarantees the best transformation of your images to something sexual and satisfying. It is easier to share those pictures with family, buddies and peers because it has Flickr and Facebook sharing feature. You can also resize your photos in 6 different ways! Download this app and discover the 13 different effects that can turn your pictures into unforgettable memories.

Playboy for Android:

Playboy for AndroidEver wondered what it would be like to live in the Playboy mansion with gorgeous women in every corner? Make that dream one step closer to reality with this playboy app android. What differentiates this free adult apps for android is it provides the user a sneak peak to strikingly beautiful pictures of the playboy hotties, their parties and their events.

No nudity is seen in this app so it’s safe for viewing in public or at work. Subscriptions are needed for complete access but free pictures and collections are accessible when you download this app.

Adult Sex Test:

Adult Sex TestChallenge your sexual knowledge and fulfil your naughty teacher fantasy with these adult games for android, Adult Sex Test. It features a beautiful user interface which includes the beautiful, Ms. Lott. With just a touch, she will respond to you with her sexy voice. She will test you on mind boggling question about sex ranging from comical to ridiculous facts. Try it out and answer with the best of your abilities and find yourself being one step closer to becoming a sex master. Try these adult android apps free now and impress your friends and the ladies.

No need to search hard for mature entertainment. Just download these apps and try them out with someone. It’s so easy to find, so fun to use and so convenient to share. You can use them in the privacy of your own home or even during a party night out with friends.  Download these now and enjoy what these apps can offer you.