5 Most Expensive Apps 2014

Some of the most expensive apps are genuinely useful, though others will certainly just make people’s heads spin considering the high price.

Have you seen top iphone apps?

There’s some disagreement over what the most expensive app truly is. For what it’s worth, the iVIP Black app from iVIP Ltd. could theoretically be the most expensive as it requires users to certify that they have a significant amount of assets merely to have the right to use it. Regardless of the serious security problems that people might have with this kind of an app, it should probably be rated as the number one the best app in app store.

It primarily features various types of special offers for high value clients, like ownership in racehorses. Strangely there are a few other versions of the app. It’s UK-centric, and therefore the mere download price is quoted as £699.99. It could also be one of the physically largest at well over 300 MB.

2) BarMax CA

screen568x568 (1)This app might rate over iVIP Black in price depending on how things are counted, since it costs $999.99, but the purpose of the app is slightly more useful. It’s essentially a complete reference library for those who want to take the California state bar exam. Law students spend a significant amount of money on books, possibly making it worthwhile if someone planned to buy more than $1,000 worth of textbooks.



3) PDR Quote

screen480x480Even though it might seem inexpensive by comparison, PDR Quote is still one of the most expensive apps at $349.99. It’s a business and tax management system for those involved in paintless dent repair for automobiles. It’s loaded with numerous makes and models of cars, so it might actually interest some people.




4) Mobile Cam Viewer Enterprise

screen480x480 (1)Mobile Cam Viewer costs the same as PDR Quote, and is also a very specific business tool. It allows people to manage and view certain surveillance cameras. To prevent misuse, the feeds are actually all encrypted. This means that it’s a legitimate tool and not something that can be misapplied. That being said, it still costs a significant amount of money and certainly is one of the most expensive apps around.



5) Lexi-Dental Complete

dental-complete-iphone-3Lexi-Comp is a series of digital medical textbooks for those who use mobile phones, and actually a few of these near the prices of the top expensive apps. That being said, they’re ultimately not that expensive when compared to the print textbooks that they’re in competition with. Nevertheless, the full Dental Complete package comes out to $285 when all is said and done. The base Lexi-Comp package, however, is free and quite useful on its own. Unlike some of the others listed on expensive app lists, this price may actually be justifiable because of the high price of physical clinical textbooks. Those with weak stomachs should not spend much time looking at screenshots of the software, however. It features fairly graphic photos that illustrate complete oral surgeries. As a result, there’s plenty to scare the squeamish.