Able2Doc PDF to Word App Review

unnamedThose looking for a piece of new conversion software should have a look at the Able2Doc pdf to word app. It’s ability to correctly render images and typefaces is pretty nice. While things never come over exactly as intended, it was nice to see that this application could actually turn even heavily formatted files into something completely readable.

Using the Converter

One of the benefits of using the portable document format in the first place is its ability to read across different devices. Now a good number of people use it initially because it gives them the ability to show off typeset documents while preserving the typefaces used in them. Naturally a pdf to word app can’t do anything like this as the word format isn’t nearly so free when it comes to embedding. That’s why so many things end up mostly as unformatted text files with lots of unnecessary carriage returns thrown around.

When tested the pdf to word app did none of this. While some files came over strange and the program has some difficulty with images from time to time, the resulting files are still nice and usable. That’s a good deal better than what comes out of most other converters. Perhaps most importantly the service actually works in a more secure way than a number of other similar programs. Most people have relegated themselves to over the Internet conversion services, which increase the chance that someone might read otherwise private information. By switching to this class of app, both iOS and Android users can feel safer in their data choices.

Who Needs the Converter?

This is certainly one of the better pdf to word app programs on the market, and those who are looking for a serious piece of software should download it. Keeping the sorts of things on mobile devices that some people do can be difficult, but converting between files makes it easier to share them between different people after all.