Accentus Mobile App Review

thatchingThose who need a personal dictate app will want to look to Accentus. Many people need an audio to text app that can help them overcome a serious disability, which works as a roadblock to using mobile technology. Countless others suffer from the small screens and difficult input systems that mobile devices have to offer. Accentus should be able to serve both groups, which is ironic because it was designed for neither. It’s actually something out of the transcription industry’s toolbox, and that might very well be why it’s so feature loaded for something so lightweight.

Dictating to Accentus

Many people use this dictate app to either serve as a makeshift accessibility program or to overcome text input design limitations. It actually works as either in a pinch, but many people are surprised to learn that it’s not geared toward this industry segment whatsoever. Rather this particular audio to text app was designed by an organization that shares its name in the transcription segment, and it works brilliantly on a variety of mobile devices in this respect.

Those working in specific fields that require the use of transcription technology will love this program. It can actually take the place of an entire transcriptionist’s office in a pinch, which is a huge help in a serious pinch. As a result those who are already employed in a particular capacity that makes them require this kind of thing will be among the first to download the app. That being said, its secondary uses might very well be what have allowed it to grow into so many unrelated markets.

Using Accentus

In reality, though, those who need a very simple but serious dictate app should download Accentus today. It’s backed by the organization whose name it carries, and as a result it should be viewed as something that can really aid in many cases. Those who work with the service already might have already downloaded it. If they have then they certainly should posthaste.