App Store Review

App StoreThe App Store is an apple made App that basically started the App world itself.  The App store gives you access to over 900,000 Apps that all do different things (also you could find good iphone tracker app).  There are Apps to edit pictures, there are Apps to make you old, there are Apps to change your voice, there are Apps to fake phone calls, there are Apps for almost anything you can think of.  There are Apps intended for users as young as below 12 months and Apps intended for the use of business men and women who could rang anywhere from their fifties to their late sixties or seventies. The App Store is literally a new world of opportunity for everyone.  Whether you’re on the featured page, top charts, or just browsing around you’ll find what you’re looking for.

App Store Navigation

The App Store navigation is Apple made and easy to use.  The App Store features tabs at the bottom of the screen that are easy to read and understand so that you may guide yourself easily through the App. The App Store tabs feature a “Featured” tab, a “Top Charts” tab, a newly added tab known as the “Near Me” Tab, the “Search” tab, and finally your updates.  The featured page is the favorite page of many users. It highlights Apps that are popular in the App store currently.  Some of the featured Apps are free and others aren’t, but if they made it to that page they’re worth talking about.  Through the featured page you can access new games, educational Apps, and more.  The “Top Charts” tab features just what it says, the top Apps in order.  The top chart page is divided into three sub-tabs.  Those three being: paid, free, and top grossing.  The paid shows the most popular Apps that users have actually paid money for, free being Apps currently downloaded that are also free, and top grossing being Apps that have earned the most regardless of being free or paid.  The “Near Me” tab is new and very useful.  It allows users to show Apps that are popular in your area, which could influence which Apps you download.  Finally after the search tab is the “Updates” tab which allows you to update your current Apps and also access Apps that you’ve previously downloaded but may have deleted.  The App Store navigation is easy to handle and made with the user in mind.

App Store Key Features

The App Store doesn’t really have key features as it is in itself a “key feature”. Without the App Store, there would be no Apps.  All App users rely on the App store to assure that they have Apps in the first place, all of their Apps are up to date, and that only they can choose what Apps to put on their device. The App Store is a step in the right direction and Apple stepped far. They’ve created so many opportunities not just for people to USE Apps, but also for people to create them.  New Apps are being released everyday, and new ideas for Apps are being thought of every second. The App Store is almost like a literal Pandora’s Box.  It’s been unlocked and now the possibilities are truly endless. What will the next App be?  Could it be a game, an educational App, or maybe even something new that no one’s ever seen.  Only time can really tell.

Pros and Cons of the App Store


The App Store’s pros can be seen by all of the successful Apps ever downloaded.  Any game that you’ve loved, App that was necessary to your life, or picture editing App that made you look great is a pro to the App store.  The App Store opened up a world of color, sound, and great things to Apple Device users.  The App Store is truly the mother ship to all App users.


While the App Store is great, the scale can tip in either direction. Any over-priced, not working, bugged App is also a tribute to the App store. Also the App Store is only available to Apple users. There are people out there who have not experienced the App Store and all it can offer because they just don’t have an Apple device. No App is perfect, not even the App Store itself.