Bakery Story Review

Bakery StoryBakery Story is a fun gaming App where players are able to actually run their very own bakery. Bakery Story has upbeat music, an easy tutorial, and can even be played with friends. With Bakery Story you can build your own bakery, decorate it with chairs and other furniture including art work,  bake a variety of different recipes for your customers,  and even socialize with your friends bakeries and try and help them out. Bakery Story is very similar to other Apps on the App store also made by Team Lava. Those Apps include games like Restaurant Story, Bubble Mania, Fashion Story, and more.  All of the games are somewhat the same, but appeal to different personal taste. Bakery Story has a fun storyline, bright colors, and is a great App for anyone looking to get into a new game.

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Bakery Story Navigation

Upon first starting your adventure with the Bakery Story App you’re brought to the tutorial.  During the tutorial you’ll be taught the basics of how to run your very own bakery. The tutorial teaches users how to make treats, the different ways to make your bakery truly yours, it shows users the different recipes they’ll be making, and even teaches them how to sell their treats to the customers that come into their shop. After you’ve completed the tutorial the game is truly up to your hands.  It is up to you to run your bakery, sell treats, keep up with customers, but don’t forget to play with your friends as well!

Bakery Story Key Features

Bakery Story is a gaming App and has some really fun features for people to play around with.  Not only do you get to customize your own bakery, but you get to discover different treats to give to your customers to make them happy.  Bakery Story is truly a game that takes dedication.  You’ll have a great time if you and your friends take the time to make your bakeries great and help each other out along the way. At times Bakery Story may seem difficult, but the solutions are always pretty simple.  Bakery Story is a great game and it’s features will surely take some time up in your day.

Pros and Cons of Bakery Story


If you’re playing Bakery Story with your friends and you’re all dedicated to making your bakeries the best they can be, then this game will be great.  You’ll be able to customize your shop, gain new customers, and move along the ladder of success in the Bakery Story world.  The game is colorful, the music is happy, and it’s a great game to play when you’re just bored on the train or a slow day at work.


Bakery Story is basically a carbon copy of a lot of other games, all made by the same company.  While users have stated that Bakery Story does offer things that the other games don’t, the basic concept of the game is still the same. In Bakery Story, and games affiliated, there are usually so many in-App purchases that if you don’t get them, your game progression takes forever.  Then, for those people who are lucky enough to get them, they spend a lot of money to make their virtual bakery top notch, but have to continue to spend to keep it that way.  The game also takes loads of dedication and it’s a game that’s really hard to play alone.  If you don’t have help from your friends, your bakery will stay in the same place for a really long time.  Bakery Story is in no way original, but for some it might be a fun game to play around with.