Best Android Apps for Kids

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Nowadays, most of our kids have the ability to manipulate certain kinds of gadgets for their entertainment specially in gaming applications. Examples of these applications areAndroid apps for kids, but what are the Android apps for children? These are applications that can be used through Android phones or tables, which are specialized in games. It can be premium or free Android apps for kids. Here are the examples of the best Android apps for kids.

  • Kid Mode by Zoodles: This is one of the exciting educational Android kids apps which can be played by ages 8 and below. There are artistic activities which can motivate the minds of the kids as they explore with art, games and stories.
  • Radio Disney:  In this app, kids who are 16 and below can listen to their favorite songs anytime and anywhere. They also have the opportunity to request for songs they like, check out the previously played song, create their own list of favorite tracks and many more.
  • Paintbox:  It gives kids the opportunity to create digitized real paintings.
  • Talking Tom Cat:  Kids get to meet a virtual pet cat known as Talking Tom. They would love this app as it can repeat what they are saying in a witty voice. Talking Tom can also do lots of stuffs for them or even be a pet or a slave for them.
  • Angry Birds Seasons: As one of the top Android apps for kids or the best kids Android apps, it is a very addictive and challenging game. It consists of angry birds which will smash the pigs. There are levels and the difficulty increases once the kids finish a certain level.

These are the five best kids apps for Android that can be helpful to fulfill the entertainment satisfaction. Moreover, these kids apps for Android can be useful to kids as a current  way of developing their educational skills.