Best Android Dialer App

We have been used to the native android phone dialer app of our devices. However, it would be quite fun and exciting to be using a adult apps or different kind of Android dialer app for our devices instead of the common ones. It could add up spice and excitement on the features of our mobile devices. In this review, find out which among the best android free apps are perfect for you and fits your lifestyle.  Here are the descriptions and features of the best dialer app for android available out there.

  • Dialer One: This dialer app android is a T9 dialer application that supports several languages and provides the speed dial function. This application could be customized to suit the user’s preference. The contacts could be filtered and grouped for easy access as well.
  • exDialer & Contacts : This application has an intuitive interface. This also supports multiple languages and user friendly features. This could also be customized by changing themes and organizing contacts by names, groups and addresses.
  • Voice Speed Dial : This voice dialer app for android allows hands free dialing. However, you have to create voice tags for each of your contacts. The voice recognition program is accurate enough not to falter and actually dials the number of the person that you intend to call. This android voice dialer app supports 20 languages and has no language barrier.
  • Tap Dialer : This is a unique kind of dialer since this application has a different way of dialing the numbers. However, the users are required to create a list of their favorite contacts in order to simply tap the said contacts on the screen. Thus, if you intend to call the person designated on number three, just tap the screen three times and it dials the number of that contact.
  • Rotary Dialer Free : This is quite a classic and fun way to dial numbers on your devices. This is dialing the numbers the old fashion way. There are different themes available for this application. There are also realistic sound effects that come with the rotation of each number dialed.

It might not be that important to change the dialer app, but it would surely be fun to change them to suit your preference and lifestyle.