Best App Closer

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

There are times when you get to find that your mobile phone is running slowly most especially when you were not able to restart it. The reason behind this is that there still are several free applications that are still running hiddenly on most Android phones although you have closed them already.  Thus, you  are  experiencing slow loading of the current application that you are using. The best solution for this is to either restart your phone all over again or make use of some app closer for iPhone or Android app closer to close those running applications for you. Here are some of the Best App closer that could do the job for you.

  • App Closer – This utility closes all the opened applications with a simple tap to free up your memory.  Although, this doesn’t provide the options to show that applications that are running in the background.
  • A+ Elite Task Killer – This is an all-round application that allows you to close the apps that run in the background that does not affect the device’s RAM. This is a task manager application that monitors all the running processes together with the usages of the individual applications when it comes to memory. It also keeps a history of the apps which are recently killed.
  • Advanced Task Manager – Killer – The Advanced Task Manager application provides a list of all the tasks running  on your phone to assist you to stop the tasks quickly and at the same time, a task management tool that manages each and every application on your phone.
  • ES Task Manager (Task Killer) – This is an all-in-one file manager, application manager, task killer, Dropbox client and FTP client all at the same time. This is an app closer android that allows users the world over to monitor and manage their resources for free.
  • GO Cleaner & Task Manager – A lot of apps users are using the GO Cleaner & Task Manager application. This is probably a very handy tool to monitor and close the apps as well as clean the cache. It also cleans and frees the memory to bring n speed to your devices.

A lot of apps users are in search for iPhone apps closer that could help them clear and speed up their system. These applications are of good system managers that easily close the running and open application in the background and free your phone’s memory.