Best App for Currency Conversion in 2014

Choosing the best currency conversion app isn’t always easy. There are a huge number of options on the market, and users certainly don’t want to have a flurry of apps on their mobile device that all do the same thing. For that matter, the current year has seen a major bumper crop in terms of conversion apps. As a result we’ve gone through and rated what people are really starting to like this year.

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What’s Hot in 2014

1) Currency is named simply enough, and it’s extremely streamlined. The app works with 17 different languages as well as over 100 different currencies. That has made it popular with world travelers for very obvious reasons.

2) XE Currency is a rather obvious choice, considering that it’s a conversion in its own right. Previously being published as a set of web tools, this app is ideal for those that want a lot of power in their pockets. It can even handle historic rates.

3) Oanda might be well known by those who actually have a background in finance. Like XE Currency, Oanda has been published in another form before and loyal users of the existing structure will certainly want to try out the pocket-sized version as well before they ever give thought to another app.

4) Google apps and the search engine itself are becoming more popular for currency conversion. Conversions can easily be typed in right at the search line. It’s certainly simple enough to use and already installed on numerous mobile devices.

5) Bing has a built in currency conversion system in the same manner that Google does. Considering that Bing is picking up both as an app and as a browser based search engine it’s becoming much more popular in terms of currency conversion as well. It may be interesting to see if both Google and Bing release more full featured financial apps in the future, or stick with what they’ve done best so far.

Looking at the Best Apps

Sometimes the simplest software is the best app for currency conversion. The best currency conversion app might be the one that gets used the most. By some accounts this is right, but don’t neglect an app simply because the installation base is small. Some users are able to come across hidden gems because they use relatively obscure pieces of software.