Best App Killer for iPhone

When people feel the enthusiasm after playing adult apps for android when they are performing some tasks with the use of the different applications in their iPhones, they don’t intentionally open many apps at the same time. One thing that they do not know is that the battery consumption of having many applications running at the same time is possible. That is why there are killer iPhone apps that they can use.

Here are some:

  • Lock Down: If you want to share your device with your friends and family but there are some applications that you do not want them to have an access to, and then this app killer for iPhone will help you to do so. You will have the control when it comes to the locking of the applications that you don’t want them to use.
  • Cycorder: This is a free iPhone app killer but then, you will be able to listen and to browse for the music and songs that you want to hear.
  • Video Recorder: This iPhone app killer is not for free. It has the almost same tasks that the Cycorder has but then, you will find out that there are more features that it can perform than the Cycorder especially when it comes to the viewing of videos from YouTube.
  • Dock: This is an iPhone app killer that people who loves to do fast tasks will like to have. This app killer iPhone will not require the user to make a swiping movement by the user for it will show all of the applications in one screen.
  • Winter Board: This application will let you customize the background as well as being the theme used in the iPhone. With this iPhone task killer app, it will be more accessible to the user and he can change the applications shown in the screen.

Having many applications running in just one time can make the reaction time of the device slower. With the different iPhone 4 app killer, the applications can be more controlled by the user.