Best App Killer iPhone 5

Power consumption towards our mobile devices is an issue in using the applications installed in our units. Sometimes, multiple running applications at the same time affect the battery or energy usage. It can lead to the UN useful mobile unit. Because of the multiple running applications, there are instances that the reaction time and sensitivity of the exciting application become slower. Because of that, a killer app iPhone5 as well as iphone 5 hotspot was developed to monitor all the unnecessary open applications, and the energy regulation interventions. Moreover, it is also used as a security back up for the personal or private file of our mobile phone. Here are the examples of killer apps iPhone 5:

  • Lock down – is a killer application which sustains the privacy of a certain document on your device. Thus, if someone has the user’s mobile phone, it will automatically lock all the important documents as a secure file.
  • Dropbox –is specialized in file sharing and in allowing you to sync files in your computer. It also allows you to share your file while monitoring the changes. It automatically creates a folder to organize those shared files.
  • Soonr – is an application which provides sharing of documents, reviewing and publishing into the backup application. The files that are being saved are automatically sent to the soonr’s cloud which can only be accessed with the use of the web browser, email and fax. It is  illustrated as a very secure storage.
  • Smart recorder –is an improved version of iPhone’s voice note audio recording app. The use of the application is to record and share voice memo, lectures and important conversations.
  • Ithoughts – is a brainstorming tool in which different ideas are from and collaborate with each other to formulate a new concept to which you and your team produce a well-planned information.

App killer iPhone5 is truly useful application not just in security purposes but also on other important matters such as file recording, business organization, energy saving and even mobile maintenance.