Best Apps 2014

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Since apps for iPhones, iPads and tablets were developed, knowing something new for the coming year 2014 would be exciting. Developing apps is not too slow and somehow trendy. Thus, most of the people are waiting for the new applications that they can use on 2014. Let’s find out some of the upcoming best apps 2014.

  • Waze: is an application for travel and transport. It is a free application that is one in the list of best app 2014. It is a navigation tool that can be used by the drivers of those people who want to travel. It provides a mapping service for your travel which utilizes GPS with real photos of roads around you.
  • Rainline: is also a top app 2014 that can keep track of the departure time of the train as well as its routine in the morning. It is best to use by people who do not want to commute using their cars. This app has a vivid, more efficient and less invasive ads. People can also purchase train tickets thru this app.
  • BBC News: This is a news and weather app that can give you the latest issues around the world. It can also give you daily reports about weather and provide you the breaking news notifications in direct to your mobile. It can be downloaded for free at Google Play Store.
  • Sky Sports News: When it comes to the latest sports news, this app is the most suitable. It can feed you with the daily top stories about sports such as basketball, baseball, soccer, football and so on.
  • Flipboard: This is a more interesting application because you do not sift to all the news that you may find tiresome to find. Flipboard can help you search the news and draw the stories easily around the web which is suitable to your interests.