Best Apps for Android

There are certain applications for the Android devices which are considered as the best Android apps by which it demonstrates a great value and features in the mobile industry like period calendar app for women. However, how do we know if it is fit for the word Android best apps? There are some characteristics that can be shown, like it has to be more useful and more applicable in our community. Let’s review the best Android apps 2015 that are continuously used nowadays. Here is a list of the best apps for Android:

We have found this apps could be interesting for you as well:

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  • Angry Birds: Because of its unique way of entertainment, it is truly considered as part of the best Android apps. In this game app, people all over the world enjoy destroying the defense of the pigs by means of throwing the angry birds against the structures protecting the pigs.
  • Temple Run 2: This game app redefined Android apps best in mobile gaming. It reached over 170 million downloads in the market. Temple Run provides an exonerating  running, jumping, turning and sliding. With these, you will surely love to play the game since you get the chance to experience hazardous cliffs, zip lines, mines and forests. 
  • Gogobot: Exploring the exciting and coolest locations all over the world with this amazing game application.
  • The ESPN X: This belongs to the best apps Android which more into the world’s premier action sports events. With the six events of 2013, sports lovers would enjoy this app as they will be up to date with highlights, track scores and global expansion of X games.
  • Pebble: This is the internet-connected app where you can connect your Android phone or tablet with the help of Bluetooth. You will know that there are incoming calls, emails and messages with silent vibration.

The main purpose of developing a certain application is to provide a 100% total customer satisfaction in the entertainment industry.