Best Apps for Toddlers

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Parents have the natural tendencies of becoming over-protected when it comes to their children. Especially with the games that they would let the children play. Here are some of the best apps for toddlers:

  • Helicopter Taxi – if you would want your toddler to play with planes, then this app for toddlers is one of the best toddlers apps that they can play. It would look like there is an actual helicopter is flying around the room.
  • Pocket Frogs – one of the iPhone apps for toddlers that would not expose them to violence. They can breed, collect and trade the frogs to other toddlers who play the same game.
  • Animal Sounds Machine – one of the best iPhone apps for toddlers that the toddlers could play. They can familiarize themselves with the different animal sounds that they could hear with the use of their device.
  • Lil Pinata – Piñata is one of the famous games when it comes to parties. This would be one of the top apps for toddlers that they can play. Once they hit the object, then they would collect the candies and other prizes that they can get.
  • Fruit Ninja – is an easy game that even toddlers can play. Android apps for toddlers like this can be played by younger people for the aim of the game is to cut the fruits as fast as they could.

There are apps for toddlers free from violence. The best Android apps for toddlers are those that are educational and would help them in their future schooling. Parents should not worry too much about their children and let them experience the fun in playing with their device. There are also free apps for toddlers that they can download in different websites.