Best Calling Apps

The main function of our cell phone device is to improve the line of communication which all the people need, whether it is via SMS application or in calling apps. A voice call is one of the many purposes of our cell phone unit through the past years by the development of our phone calling capability. Many calling applications have made such as international calling apps, video calling apps and even free calling apps or voice iphone apps. It helps us to have a clearer and more reliable sense of communication. Here is the list of the best calling apps nowadays.

  • Skype–is one of the free calling apps for Android which do not just allow you to make voice calls and send text messages. It also gives its users the opportunity to make a video call in order to provide a clear conversation and a wider and broader communication.
  • Fring – is a DVQ (Dynamic Video Quality) technology development which gives the users with high quality video calls and clearer conversations. It also has the capability for a group call with the capacity of four people at once.
  • Tango–is one of the excellent video calling apps for Android which uses a wifi connection for more interactive and faster exchange of messages. Moreover, it has the ability to send photos to your contacts for free.
  • Google voice –is well-known for international calling apps for iPhone. You can have your voice mail, text messages and even make your calls recorded. However, it has limitations because it does not work outside the US.
  • Viber – is an application which synchronizes your mobile to automatically allocate contacts. It has free calls with HD sound quality,and group with up to 40 participants.

Truly, the calling apps for Android help us to build more intimate and organized rapport with our love ones and even with other people. Furthermore, it is also helping us with different transactions such as providing information and making business transactions to be successful.