Best Collage Apps: Instacollage Pro vs Moldiv

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People have recently started to debate whether the Instacollage Pro app is all it’s cracked up to be.

Mobile device users move between different apps, and the Moldiv app has become one of the top hot commodities. To be honest, though, both Instacollage and Moldiv have some advantages. At times it really comes down to which one a user prefers. The best app is always the one someone will use. Having something just sitting while it’s collecting digital dust isn’t really going to help anyone out at all. It’s best to actually have something on hand that works as opposed to more than one app that never gets used.

Instacollage Benefits

mza_7230199553884213275.320x480-75Users of the Instacollage Pro app can make some pretty nicely ruled collages. That’s a real benefit for art students and the like. While it can be fun to mess around and make ones that go in every which direction, the fact that this program can make them so neat is a nice change. Of course those who want to get really creative can choose numerous other patterns if they’d like.

As the name might suggest the layout of the program is pretty professional as well. It shouldn’t take too long to learn how to use it as a result. People who are desktop users and therefore used to software like paintbrush shouldn’t take much time at all learning the ropes, and they can get off their feet in minutes more than likely.

What Moldiv Has Got

moldiv6While it might seem really weird to talk about text when considering the benefits of two different collage packages, the Moldiv app is much better in this department. The labeling system is much nicer in this program than the competition. That could make it one of the education apps for those who want to put captions on things.

This might no seem like much, but go and take a look at any site that deals with Internet memes. Users of Instagram or Facebook are going to want to put funny captions all over their photos more than likely. As a result, this app is superior in that respect and it will certainly gain the attention of some parts of the consumer base as a result.

Bottom Line

Serious users and those who really value speed above everything else will want to switch to Instacollage. The same goes for those who want to stick with an interface that they understand and that resembles the full sized software that they use on their desktops. In some ways that interface even resembles the most basic stock that they’ve worked with all their digital lives.

On the other hand, those who want to flock to social networks or generate the next viral joke images will probably feel a little more comfortable with Moldiv. Seeing that both apps have been downloaded countless times it’s actually pretty easy to say that they’re both worthwhile. Few people would really try to say anything that contradicts that of course.