Best Cracked Android Apps

Sometimes, we encounter some applications that are overprotected which means that security level are very high. The example of this are serial numbers, that ends up into the trial or demo version, especially if we’re talking about adult apps for android. Cracked android apps are the best examples of deactivating or minimizing the security level of a certain application. Android cracked apps are being published to exploit the capability of the apps, especially for the premium application. Here are the examples of cracked apps for Android.

  • eWallet Go!: Avoid taking risks of your passwords, accounts, IDs and card numbers. You can secure them using this cracked Android application. Your pin numbers, usernames, passwords, account numbers are safe and secure whenever you save or store it inside this application.
  • Get A Girl: Get to know more about the personality of an ideal girl. In this app, you can decode the type of personality of the girl most men like. They get find what kind of girl matches their
    own personality.
  • Tune-in Radio: Listen to all your favorite stations which is over 50,000 stations and get to listen to your own favorite songs and know the latest news. You do not only get the latest news but also get updated with sports and programs by listening to almost 1.2 million programs. That is why this app became one of the Android apps cracked.  
  • Advanced WiFi Network: It has the ability to connect with WiFi access points and to scan all the wireless connection that are reached by your mobile unit. Turning on and turning off your wifi connection is the other function of this app.
  • Full Screen Caller ID v7.8.4: It is used to show the callers declared image in full screen mode and the notification of your call options are customizable.

The aforementioned cracked Android apps download provides the latest updates, entertainment and security as well. Users will not feel that they are not satisfied with the service that these cracked apps provide to them. Looking for more? Check out a top of the Best Jailbreak Apps – no more access limitations!