Best Dictation Apps

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

People debate back and forth what the best dictation apps are, so top critics of mobile software put a lot of research into compiling a list. It can be surmised that these are indeed the finest speech text conversion apps around. While there certainly are a number of other gems out there, these are the first that people should have a look at.

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Top Five Apps

  • Dragon Dictation is quite famous and connected with the desktop platform that it’s named for. A great deal of research and development has gone into ensuring that it accurately reproduces spoken material as text, and as a result it has become pretty popular.
  • Voice Assistant works much like an individualized assistant as the name suggests. While there might be some more configurations as a result, it genuinely works well with the particular individual that gets it customized for them.
  • iSpeech app users often remark that their particular choice is good because its geared toward the mobile platform and was designed from the ground up to work with various mobile devices. As a result it doesn’t suffer from the problems that port over programs do.
  • The SpeechWorld app has become more popular as of late, perhaps because it’s another great example of a program that can become tailored to an individual user instead of work like a regular boilerplate example of the existing field of dictation apps.
  • The Accentus Mobile app is connected to a traditional transcription program and has a lot of followers as a result. While some people have used it for unintended purposes, it works great in the original intended industry anyway.

Choosing One Over the Others

It might be difficult to figure out what the best dictation apps are, so this list could be of great help. In fact downloading one today will be a great step toward figuring out which one does the job the best for a particular user. After all there’s no way to truly find out unless one does it for them alone.