Best Free Android Apps

Many of us are fond of using free Android apps that are easy and simple to navigate and to use like period calendar app. But, we have to consider that there are limitations when we use free apps for Android phones. It is one of the best strategies to market a definite application. Free trial strategies are one of the examples of free apps for Android to encourage the user to go premium for them to fully enjoy that application. Let’s see the examples of Android apps for free.

  • Zombie Smasher: Smashing the brains of zombies will certainly give you the creeps. But, the victory is seen as you keep the zombies brainless and prevent them from invading your town. This makes it as the top among the addictive and pleasurable game you can find in Google Play.
  • Facebook: This is one of the examples of Android free apps which keep you connected or in-touch with your pals and love ones. It keeps you updates in the news feeds, photos and videos. It even notifies you with the comments and likes of your pals.
  • Instagram: This app can instantly share your photos on Facebook with just one click after taking the photo.
  • Fruit Ninja: Be the best slicer in the thirst quenching action game with soggy, splatty and gratifying fruit butchery.
  • Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary: Widen up your vocabulary with one of the best apps. It will help you search for the meaning of the words easily by just typing the word. You get to look for its synonyms, antonyms, example sentences.

These Android apps free can be easily downloaded and easy to modify. But, we have to remember killer apps for Android freeare not always accessible on different mobile units. Thus, we have to consider the capability of our devices to run the selected application.