Best Free Android Apps

People are becoming techy nowadays. One latest in technology is Android which is mostly used in the tablets. There are adult apps that we can download for our tablets. However, how can we download paid Android apps for free? And how to get paid Android apps for free? Well, these might be the questions for some, but it is better to know some of the best free Android paid apps.

  • Epic Citadel: This started in iOS devices which demonstrates the world of Infinity Blade which was developed by Epic Games. This became one of the paid Android apps for free when it was launched last January 29, 2013.
  • Flipaclip: It is a trending game nowadays among all the paid apps for free Android. Samsung created this app to give its users opportunity to create, edit and export movies with no effort at all.
  • 7×7: This is a puzzle game created by Kiip Inc. It has original one mode game which is known for its wonderful and well-made graphics, which made one of the best free paid apps for Android. What makes this puzzle game different from the others is the goal of making horizontal, diagonal and vertical rows with of the same colors dragged into pieces across the board.
  • Sky+: This provides entertainment to all users. As one of the get paid Android apps for free, it will serve you three things which are the capability to search, discover and record TV programs.
  • Material Beta: This is an app which serves you for discovering interesting social news, blogs and articles. This is also measured as one of the Android paid apps for free.

These five of the best free paid Android apps downloads served its users’ interest. Boredom will be reduced and enjoyment will come along when the users started using these free paid apps in their tablets.