Best Free Apps

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Thousands of applications have been developed all over the world. Some of these apps are developed particularly for a certain device while others are available for any platform. There are also paid and free apps available. Here are some of the best free apps out in the market out there.

  • Dropbox – This is a handy application that stores your files that you could access anywhere you are as long as you are connected to the internet. This free application saves your files anytime and keep it safe even if your computer fails. This is one of the top free apps available. 
  • iBooks –  This application for the iPhone is just like the iTunes, but this time, this application is for books. This connects the reader with the store. This is designed with PDF support as well as bookmarks that synchronizes your choices among devices. 
  • Samsung Chat On – A lot of messaging applications have come out in the app market. However, The Samsung provides the most functional one as it supports different platforms. This application is perfect for those people who wanted to keep in touch. 
  • Facebook for Android – This application is not much like the Facebook itself. However, recently it was updated  which added Inbox for the Android. Thus, communication is almost real time. Facebook is the largest social networking site that is used by most people worldwide. Now, Facebook could now be accessed on your Android devices with the use of this application. 
  • Skype – Skype is the best free apps developed when it comes to communication. This application is featured with voice calls, video calls and messaging. This also featured with screen sharing, file sharing and group messaging features. 

There have been questions as to what are the best free apps. These free applications above are probably the best applications that are made available for app users worldwide. Their features and functionality are what most app users are looking for.