Best Free Cydia Apps

What is more enjoyable than knowing that your device has been jailbroken from the root application? Being jailbroken means that you will be able to get the apps that you want and install it directly on your device. Here are some of the best free Cydia apps that people can use in their device:

  • UltrasnOw – there are times that the phone that you are using is locked to the network that made the device. With this Cydia apps free, you can use any SIM that you wanted to use without any worry that it would not work. You can make your choice in choosing your own SIM to use.
  • VLC Media Player – if you want to listen to music when you are doing something, then this is one of the free Cydia apps for you. You can use this application to fill your working environment with your favorite songs. This will also help you to lighten up your day and change your mood.
  • Cycorder – there are moments in a person’s life where they want to look back at it. With the use of this application, people can record the events that they want to be remembered and store it on their device so they can look back at it whenever they want to.
  • asBattery – the icon for the battery sometimes can be deceiving. With this, as people download this application, then they will see the percent remaining on the battery life of their device and they will be able to charge it when it is needed.
  • WinterBoard – people will want their device to be organized and personalized most especially when it comes to the theme of their device. With this Cydia free apps, then they can set up the things that they want to adjust for them to be pleased with the appearance of their device.

Many free Cydia  applications are available for people as well as iphone hotspot app. They will have the freedom to select and download what they want and what they need to enjoy their devices.