Best Free Fitness Apps

Those who are looking for the best free fitness apps should certainly check out this list. They should also be sure to remember that the actual act of downloading is only part of the battle. Once they have access to an app a user actually needs to make a commitment. This is easier said than done for sure, but those that do can achieve amazing results.

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Top Fitness Apps

RunKeeper isn’t new, but it lets people track their runs, walks and bike rides. The 2014 version is one of the best apps for fitness. Those who excessively use the GPS function might run down their battery a bit, though. On the other hand it could be worth it if it encourages them to stick to a program.

Weight Watchers Mobile has been out for a while, but the new version deserves a look. While members get full access, free users can check it out now. It uses a plan and diet system that’s gotten a lot of attention and the system can be fairly natural.

GymPact is a program that makes women commit to a certain amount of exercise each month, and actually charges them or pays them depending on if they’re making their goals. This is certainly going to a real extreme, but it might end up working for some people.

My Fitness Pal is a popular calorie counter, and one of the best app for fitness out there. It takes the place of those old calorie converter sheets that people used to carry around with them, and it might encourage people to eat healthier at restaurants too.

Users who download uHot use the app to get their entire life in line. It can schedule physicals and other health appointments as well as encourage people on the run to actually set aside some time and use it to exercise.

Checking Out the Apps

While some of the programs that get promoted as the best fitness apps free aren’t really all that free they’re still useful. It’s important to check the terms of service before agreeing to anything. That’s always true, but it’s also important not to shy away when an app ends up costing a few dollars either. This is a choice that might very well help a user to loose weight and get in shape, and that’s not something to shake a stick at.