Best Free Game Apps for Android

Android is a newly introduced operating system which had blown the world away.  A lot of gamers made use of it in order to play Android game apps. As they get addicted to these game apps for Android, all of it became popular in demand. Thus, here are some of the best free game apps for Android. 

  • Avatar Fight: It is a role playing game which can be played online by a massive multiplayer. The main goal of the player is to create a group wherein you have to lead the group in order to annihilate all your rivals. This game is known for its simplicity and stylish designed for gamers as one of the free Android game apps.
  • Party Time: This is popular as one of the breathtaking Android apps games. In this game, you have to utilize marbles in order to lash out all your enemies to the board filled with holes.
  • Cut the Rope: Addicted gamers are more into this game. This is one of the best Android game apps because players encounter different obstacles to supply the monsters with candies. The players also cut the ropes, create long jumps and place candies to the mouth of the monster.
  • Pinball Arcade: Gamers feel enjoyment with the sceneries that entertained them. With its great pixilated displays, sound effects and creative graphics, it became one of the best game apps for Android.
  • Temple Run: This game never stops, but you can play it easily once you know the goal. The main objective of the game if for you to kill all the evil-eagle monsters. You should also overcome all challenges that come out along your way.

The five mentioned games are known as the free game apps for Android. Those game apps are entertaining, breathtaking and challenging which provide intense action to all gamers or fitness apps.