Best Free Music Apps

A lot of music applications have been developed nowadays. These applications are so amazing that you would not believe the features that it can do. Some of these are paid music apps while some are free music apps and fitness apps. Here are some of the apps for free music available in the market today.

  • TuneWIki – This free music application is compatible with the iPhone, Android, Nokia and even the Windows phone. This can also be used with the desktops or laptops. As your music plays, the lyrics are displayed scrolling along the screen. This is a free music apps for android. 
  • Pandora – This music app is an application that streams songs for you. Just type in music and the artist  that you would like to hear and this application locates and plays it for you. This application also recommends other artists that played the same song. 
  • Shazam – This is an amazing music application that allows you to find out the song title and artist of a certain song that you do not know. Just place your device near the speaker where the song is playing. Then, Shazam records the track and send it to the database to find the song. This is also a free music download apps. 
  • Slacker Radio – This free music app provides a pre-programmed list of radio stations categorized among the music genre. You could also create a new list of radio stations as well as a playlist of your favorite songs. Another feature of this application is that it keeps you on track of your favorite songs and the songs that you recently played. 
  • TuneIn Radio – This free music application is best for those users who are always on the go. You could preset the radio stations that you frequently listen to. You could also type in your favorite artists or songs then the application provides you a list of all the radio stations that plays that artist or song.

These music applications are simply amazing that most users got addicted using these applications. The features that each and every music application provide allows you to do several things about music that you could think of. Simply, these music applications are all that you would ever need when it comes to music.