Best Game Apps for iPhone

Playing games on iPhones or looking through weight loss app is one of the things that most people love to do. It became a trend in the computer world which made some game apps popular. With the big hit of different iPhone app games, it caused a lot of users to get addicted in playing the best game apps for iPhone. Thus, there are five best iPhone game apps which are the following:

  • Angry Birds Star Wars: Since the first release of its original version, it became the most addicting game in the world. Newer versions were being developed just like the Star Wars Version. It is considered as one of the best game apps for iPhone 4. This game has a pretty good storyline which is based on the Star Wars saga.
  • Bad Hotel: This is one of the best free iPhone game apps. This is a comedy tower defense game. The main goal of the user is to build a hotel while rivals attack you with ice and monsters. One thing that makes this interesting is the music played whenever you build the hotel. This game app is stylish, good graphics and high quality soundtrack.
  • Drop 7: This is a puzzle game wherein falling numbers land on a 7×7 grid. It requires the user to wane the falling numbers by matching digits vertically and horizontally.
  • Plants vs Zombies: This is known as a defense game where plants have to defend their home from hungry-eating zombies. As one of the top game apps for iPhones, it has captivating features and cultivating background of a garden-like theme.
  • Temple Run: It is a game app which makes the player to keep on running as fast as he can. By that, players get addicted to it.

These are the five best free game apps for iPhone. All of these game apps are popular and addicting. Players get to enjoy these game apps for iPhones.