Best Game Apps

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

People all over the world have enjoyed playing games on their phones and devices. These game applications have taken the world by storm. A lot of users have become addicted to the best game apps that came out on the market out there. Some game applications came out as paid game apps while some best free game apps. To name a few, here are some of the top game apps that came out in the market nowadays.

  •  Angry Birds: This game has really swept the whole world instantly. This game application has good graphics and a storyline. The story in the game started when the green pigs stole the eggs of the angry birds. This started the fight between the two. The player of the game takes the role of the angry birds as they are launched through a slingshot aimed at the pigs. This is a physics based game that would really be worth your time. That is the reason why this is one of the top free game apps out there.
  • Air Penguin: This game application is developed by Gamevil Inc. This is a challenging and addicting game. Apparently different but amazingly addictive, this is what Air Penguin offers for its gamers. Being compared to Angry Birds and Albeit, Air Penguin is more exciting and unbelievably fascinating. It can be easily played by just making these three things, “Fly, Jump and Dodge through Antarctica.”
  • Bike Race: This game was developed and distributed by Top Free Games on iPad and iPhones. This easy and simple race game is a race not by distance but by time. You are to arrive at the flag by passing through ramps, leaps, loops and tilts in a time duration to get three stars.
  • Fieldrunners: A game conceptualized with an idea to gun down and eliminate the little helmeted soldiers, helicopters and other combatants and preventing them from crossing the field and infiltrating your base. You can select from various towers with a variety of defenses.
  • Plants VS Zombies: This game was developed by PopCap. This game is a tower defense game wherein the plants defend their home from the zombie invasion.

These amazing and challenging best game apps are specifically designed for all app users worldwide. A lot of it came out while most of it hit the market in an instant. These top games  apps are developed for the app users enjoyment and pleasure.