Best Google Android Apps

There are many useful and helpful applications that can be seen on Google. These Google Android apps can be more suitable in different devices. Android Google apps are categorized in many forms like browsers, adult apps, music apps, gaming apps, video apps and many more. This is the list of Google apps for Android.

  • Google translate: This is one of the Google apps Android that has the capability to translate words and phrases between more than 65 languages, and you can also translate it just by speaking instead of typing and hearing the corresponding translations.
  • Google maps: As it is considered as one of the Google Android apps free, users can browse the current locations that you are in or  know a certain location that you want to go without carrying paper maps again. It is a very handy and accurate locator application.
  • Google Play music: Access your entire music library instantly and can store more than a thousand music collection. It is easy to navigate and to use. Thus, you get to listen to your favorite songs from your favorite albums and artists which will give you pleasure and relaxation.
  • YouTube: This is a popular and widely used interactive website because of its huge compilation or collection of different videos whether it is a viral video or just an amature video. Moreover, YouTube apps can be considered as one of the Google Android tablet apps. 
  • Google wallet: It serves as your online or digital wallet that can hold different kinds of savings account.

With the use of these Google applications, we can maximize the capability of our Android phones and other Android devices. In addition, we can assure that theses apps will be effective and functional in making our daily tasks easier. It saves time and effort because in an instant you can easily get what you need.