Best IPhone Spy App

Security is very important in all aspects just like your iPhones. Thus, there are iPhone Spy Apps that you can use in order to  secure your iPhone.

Have a look on this apps, maybe you could find them useful

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Here is the list of some of the spy apps for iPhone. 

  • Contact Spy: This is an iPhone spy app which will help you know who have called you. This can be done by saving the unknown number in your phone contacts and search it using this app. Moreover, this app can be used to search people from your phone contacts by just simply typing the first name and the last name. 
  • Call Log Pro: Voice conversations can be recorded using this app as long as the person you called answered the call. This app should be used in order to record it and send the recorded voice conversation to your email to keep the file. This app only offers free 2 minutes recorded voice conversation. If you exceeded, it will cost you $4.99 for 30 minutes. 
  • Spy Gizmos: This is an iPhone spy free app which you can use to communicate securely with your friends. You get to enjoy this app because it cipher messages and send the coded message to your friends. 
  • Self Destructing Message: This is a time-based self-destructing app. The receiver of your text message will be given the seconds you have set before the message gets deleted after it was sent. 
  • Your Secret Folder: This is known as a secret folder of all your confidential photos and videos which you want to keep private. It can serve as a protector of all your files by means of a lock pin with 4 digit numbers or a dot pin lock. You also have the opportunity to use a fake password that will provide limited access.

Spy apps for iPhone provide protection and security for all your files or documents.