Best Music Apps for Android

Music Apps for Android provide a great opportunity for music lovers to explore the world of music virtually. It will be fun and exciting for them as they will enjoy exploring the world of music with the free Android music apps.

The five best Android music apps are: 

  • Google Play Music: It is one of the Android applications in Google Play. This music app was introduced last November 16, 2011. With the use of this one of the music apps Android, you get the chance to listen to various music albums. You can even purchase a lot of songs on the Android Market. 
  • Amazon MP3: This app is purchased at Amazon before which is also the same with Google Play Music. It became famous as one of the Android music appswhich was launched last September 25, 2007. In this music app, you are given the chance to upload 250 songs for free. 
  • Tune-In Radio: Its popularity as one of the free music download apps for Android is due to its offers. The best offer it provides is the easy access to over 70,000 live radio shows. Not only that but also to over two million shows, concerts and podcasts. 
  • Spotify: Spotify AB launched this commercial music app last October 2008. You can use the trial version of this app within six months, so you can enjoy its service of creating and sharing track lists with your friends. 
  • Pandora: This is music app is number one in the list of the best music apps for Android. It became the best because 35 million people are using this. It is different from other apps because it creates you a personalized radio station of your favorite music. 

With these music download apps for Android, it gives us pleasure in listening to music (menstrual calendar app). It prevents problems when it comes to searching for music rather eases the difficulty we encounter.