Best Navigation App for iPhone

Navigation apps for iPhone are the most popular because of its ability to provide a terrific mapping characteristics. iPhone navigation apps are the most useful application in searching a certain location. By the use of iPhone navigation app as well as iphone hotspot app, the needs of location finders are made easier and accessible. Here are some of the best navigation apps for iPhone. 

  • Google Maps for iPhone: This is one of the best free navigation apps for iPhone because it gives a clear detail of the location that you wanted to see. You can search from its region down to the smaller details such as streets.
  • Waze GPS and Traffic: This app is awarded with the Best Overall Mobile App in 2013 Mobile World Congress which was developed by Waze Mobile. This is a navigation app for iPhone that is specialized not just for finding location but also in providing information about the status of all the main roads. Examples of these are traffic jam, road hazard, speed trap and other information to the overall database.
  • AT&T  Navigator: Its ability is to give information such as traffic detection & avoidance, free map updates, gas prices search, etc. That makes it as one of the best navigation apps for iPhone 4.
  • MotionX GPS Drive: It has the free, ongoing maps update and unique “wheel” menu screen showing current location and multiple search and navigation options. This is also known as the Best iPhone 5 App for Drivers.
  • TeleNav GPS Plus: It has a traffic detection and avoidance while it gives you the current location where you are into.

These are the five best iPhone navigation app examples that effectively give accurate location and information about the current situation on a certain destination.  This is for us to be safe and obtain a hassle free travel.