Best New Android Apps

In the previous years, different new Android apps are continuously developed by which many of those applications are easy to be outdated. Cool new Android apps are created to catch the attention of different users, even though we are talking about users, who’d like to add some top adult apps.  Through creative presentation of those new apps for Android, the developers can gain many subscribers. Here are some selected best new apps for Android.

  • Aralon: This is a 3D animated role-playing game which centers on a persuasive story of an exceptional hero and explore a 3D world.
  • The 4oD: Get the chance to watch the different programs on Channel 4 for free with the use of this app on your Android devices. This was developed by Channel 4 Television Production which was launched last November 2006. The name 4oD means “4 on demand.”
  • Carbon: This is a client of Twitter which makes you feel its simplicity, darkness and dashing elegance to feel the everyday pleasure of Twitter. You also get to reach the timelines, lists, favorites, searches, trends, profiles and many more.
  • Wunderlist 2: As part of the Android new apps, it offers you the simplest form of handling and sharing your daily to-do lists. This app can help you organize the things you have to do and getting it done easily.
  • Temple Run: Due to its popularity as one of the top new Android apps in mobile gaming, users has experienced a thrilling adventure of a never ending time of running, jumping, turning and sliding. In this game app, you just keep on running as fast as you can and overcome all obstacles. This was made known as one of the new Android tablet apps.

The best new Android apps are categorized by being the most used or the most popular Android applications that have been downloaded by collecting some statistics about the numbers of users who utilized the apps.