Best New Apps

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Throughout the years, many best apps for the different models of phones are being developed by the makers. Then, there would be best new apps that people would want to have. The following is the list of 5 best apps ever from the top ten best apps that people could download:

  • The New York Times Apps – it is one of the best news apps that the users had been talking about in the list of best apps. In the category of the best new apps for news, The New York Times Apps gets the number 1 spot. 
  • Tweetbot – is known to be the “Great Third Party Twitter App” that can customize the user face interface as with all of the new great features that the users would be able to experience. It is known also among the best applications to be one of the best apps of 2013.
  •  Instagram – one of the best apps that people are using nowadays. Its popularity had made it to the list of the most used apps next to Facebook and Twitter. People can upload their pictures directly from their phones with the use of the enhancements that the apps has. Instagram is on the list of the best apps for phones for the reason that it cannot be used in the computers and not also compatible with the use of the laptops. Instagram can only generate on the different phone devices.
  • Facebook – is on the best apps of all time for it can connect people from different part of the world wherein they could see each other with the use of the video call and have communication through chatting.
  • Paypal – is one of the apps listed on the best apps list for it can let the people who have small or starting businesses to update their savings as well as their balance on their accounts.

World’s best apps are being known to many people for it can help them to enhance their pictures and have communication with other people from all over the world.