Best Nude Scanner App

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Some people simply make use of their iPhone or mobile devices from time to time. Now that there is a lot of features that most Smartphones has, there are also apps that came out which could simply give fun aside from games. One of which is the nude scanner apps that could be so much fun. Here are some of the best nude scanner apps that are available out there nowadays. Find out the various features of these applications in this nude scanner app review.

1.      Nude It : This is a fun application that could show your friends naked just for fun. This is an Android application that allows users to see through clothes. All you have to do is point your phone on your friend and run thenude scanner appsto see through.

2.      Naked Scanner Pro – This is an application that allows you to see through a woman’s  clothes. This is a novelty application that replicates a semi-nude woman that comes from a picture with easy to use controls. There are a lot of image packs available for download. The packs are of the tops, front bottoms, back bottoms of women in lingeries.

3.      Naked Scanner X Ray – This is a scanner app that could allow you to see your friends naked. Just ask your friend to lay flat on the ground. Then, scan their body as this application is currently running. After which, the screen will display the screen photo of a woman or man in the underwear. This is a prank app to trick your friends on seeing them naked.

4.      Nude Scanner – This is a protected application. There is a need to unlock the software to see and download the program. Once unlocked, this could give you access to highly offensive adult materials.

5.      ShowMeMore – This is an application that allows you to see through the clothes of just about any girl. All you have to do is take a picture then and choose the kind of lingerie you want to go with the picture as well as the color. The photos could also be shared on Facebook for this application.