Best Savage Apps

Savage apps are applications that are part of the company created by three amazing developers namely:  John Marr,  John Kent, and Mark Armstrong in McMinnville Oregon. These applications are the product of the collective talents and experiences of these three developers as graphic artist, programmers and musicians. From their combined talents, savage apps came about. These applications came out in different genres like iphone 6 hotspot apps. These applications are categorized as Magic Gems, Virtual Instruments, Books and Entertainment. These applications are also featured by Apple Inc. in the App Store the world over. Savage apps are applications that could not be characterized as terrible apps, violent apps and awful apps. Let look at some of the examples of this kind of application.

  • iAmUkelele – this application is based on the famous  iAmGuitar. This is a virtual musical instrument that is very easy to play! It is like playing the real ukulele! All you have to do is choose your key and play on.
  • Glass Piano – another virtual instrument is the Glass Piano. This is actually the first piano application that you could actually play just like the real thing. Experience playing the piano just like a pro with the use of this application.
  • The Lazy Elf – this is a book application with a story about a lazy elf that caused the damage on Christmas. This is a wonderfully animated and narrated story that could bring enjoyment for kids and adults alike.
  • iAmMemory – this is a game application that you and your friends would surely enjoy. The game is actually simple. The idea is to match  all the cards possible with the time allotted for you. There are also bombs that made the game even more exciting.
  • Foteo – this is a fun video application that you would surely enjoy. Create a slideshow of your best photos, add a theme and a music background and there you go. A compilation of your very own.

These are simple and fun applications with a wide variety to choose from. These might not be that useful for everyday use, but these apps would surely bring entertainment and pleasure to your life.