Best Translation Apps

Choose the best iphone apps in our latest review! 

Users who want to download translator apps are probably looking for machine translation technology. While humans always do the job better than machines do, it’s harder to get access to these resources because of the prices involves. As a result, it’s useful to have a look at some translator apps that do the job for free, though users naturally should be aware of the caveats involved.

Top Five Apps

Those who want to know for sure what the best translation app is should have a look at this list. We’ve tested several translator apps to see what they’re like and see just how well they work. As a result we narrowed the list down to five different apps.

  • Google Translate is really the top program to turn to, because of it’s very official standing. It’s tested and constantly updated, which means that supports a wide array of languages. It’s honestly hard not to recommend it based on the linguistic choices alone.
  • ITranslate was recently updated for iOS 7. It features a list of 80 different languages, and works fairly well with at least all of the major ones. There were some lesser-used languages that might make some users switch over to it.
  • Sayhi translate is part of a much larger suite of apps. While it might not be the first choice for those that don’t already use the service, it’s certainly something to turn to for those that already do.
  • Translator App by Babylon is again connected to a much larger service. What makes it so special is that it’s geared toward several major platforms. Windows phone, Blackberry and Kindle users might consider this the only real app option that they have available to them.
  • PROMT App is certainly a business app. Considering the development studio that made it this could be the best app for those who are in the business world.

Drawing Some Translation Conclusions

Users of translator apps will probably want to stick to one of these five apps. While it could be useful to have more than one on the same device, it’s still best to make sure they’re from the top app list. Some other apps were found to have a few mistakes these didn’t.