Best Translator App for IPhone

Language is used to communicate to other people. However, there are a lot of languages in the world used by different nations. People sometimes encounter them in text or in conversations. Thus, it is best to use a translator application for use to know the translation of a specific word that we encounter in a different language.

There are various translator apps that we can use, but we should choose the best translator app thru reading translator app reviews. Hence, here are five of the best translator apps which cud be used by iphone 6 hotspot.

  • Google Translate: is the best language translator app that is highly functional and have amazing features. This is a free application that can also be used with voice commands for more than 15 languages. And we can listen to more than 20 language translations. It can also make text translations for more than 60 languages.
  • Universal Translator: It supports more than 50 languages that can be considered as the best translator app iPhone. It requires its users to have a Google Chat account to install this application. It also automatically translates the typed messages.
  • iTranslate: It can be the best app for iPhone that has great features. It has a powerful voice recognition and text to speech feature. A lot of dialects and languages can be translated thru this translator app.
  • Speak Text: It is a functional translator app and the best offline translator app because documents can be translated automatically by just simply highlighting the text. It will read and translate the document per every sentence.
  • Say Hi Translate: This is not a free translator app but the cost of $2.99 is worth the use. It can be considered as a best Spanish translator app or even best app for a lot of languages. Over 40 languages can be recognized thru speech and easily gives its user the best translations.