Best Twitter App for Android

One of the best social networking sites is Twitter. It is part of the three largest social networking sites in the world.  Millions of people are using this this social network using their Android phones to get tweets and follows different people. More so, Twitter can be used on Android phones or tablets as a twitter app and there are a lot of the best social networking apps that we can use.

Here are some of the best twitter apps for Android. All of the below listed twitter apps can be downloaded at Google Play Store.

  • Carbon for Twitter: This best Android twitter app is packed with great features and a dark theme Twitter app which can be utilized for so long by its users.
  • Hoot Suite: As part of the best twitter app Android, this app is second in a list of supporting various social networking sites. It supports social networks like LinkedIn, Foursquare, Twitter and Facebook. Thus, it comes with four social networks with one app. Aside from that, users can even make posts and read the posts of other people.
  • Twicca: This best twitter Android app is rated with 4.5 stars at Google Play Store. It has a simple and nice interface that makes people have fun to use. It only has regular features as well. However, it makes a difference when its users use them that make it a good one.
  • Plume: This app has a free and paid version, so it depends on the user which one to get. The free version has nice features which makes powerful Twitter apps. It can also make live streaming with Facebook. It also has a dark theme that makes it look decent and serious.
  • Tweet Caster for Twitter: Similar with Plume, it has two versions such as the free and the paid versions. It is famous among all the twitter apps that supports Twitter and Facebook. One good thing about this is the mute where you can mute the other Twitter users without unfollowing them.