Best Twitter App for IPhone

A lot of people love to use social networking sites. One of the three best social networking sites in the world is Twitter. Using this social networking site, you can get tweets and feeds from your followers and for those people that you follow. But what makes this social networking more innovative like iphone 5 hotspot? Well, it has applications as well which are called Twitter apps.

Most users use their iPhones to access Twitter. Thus, they need Twitter apps that can be used in their iPhones. Here are some of them.

  • Tweetbot 3: was developed by Tapbots and relaunched for iOS 7. It has great features with Twitter supports, so users can receive notifications and edit their profiles. It has latest swipe gestures that are friendly and easy to be utilized. It costs $2.99 but worth the money paid for. It is considered as the best iPhone twitter app.
  • Twitterific 5: is similar with Tweetbot 3 that costs $2.99. However, it remains the best twitter app for iPhone because of is push notifications, new gestures and transparent menus. It also features a timeline that contains posts, mentions and direct messages.
  • Echofon Pro: is rebuilt completely with iOS 7 which is considered as the best twitter app iPhone. The two best features it has are the live streaming and timeline view with push notifications. It is more expensive than the other twitter app. It costs $4.99. The expense is more than enough reasonable because it really provides great service.
  • Twittelator Neue: is the best twitter app iPhone because it has a great card-style interface with a menu that is floating at the bottom part of the screen. It supports push notifications which can be easily switched on and off. The cost is the same with Echofon Pro which is $4.99 .
  • Tweet 7: has a low cost of $2.99 and has an in-design and experience features. Menus are not available to be taggled and tapped. Users can find the messages at the middle part and the profile is at the bottom part of the screen. It may have lacking features, but it can still be used as a good one.