Best Ubuntu Apps

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Ubuntu applications are used to make the installation and the usage of the applications on a computer easier and faster as well as more possible. Here are some of the best Ubuntu apps that you can download to your computer:

  • Ardor – if you would want to have a music playing while you are at your workplace, then you can download and install this one of the Ubuntu best apps on your computer so that you would be able to play songs and even record an audio. 
  • Cenon – a free graphic design software. This is one of the best Ubuntu applications for it would help people to enhance their pictures and use it afterwards as wallpaper on their computer screen. 
  • Skencil – is one of the best apps for Ubuntu when it comes to people who would want to enhance their drawing talent and for people who would want to take their talent in drawing to the next level. This application would help them to draw with the use of the computer instead of the pencil and paper.
  • AvideMux – an application for those who are in the business of making videos and recording it. With this one of the top Ubuntu apps, then people will not have a hard time making their videos as well as the enhancement and the editing of it. 
  • Basket Note Pads – if you are the type of person who would want to note the events and appointments that would happen in the next few days so that you would have a constant reminder, then this application would easily help you with what you want. You can post  to do list with this application to help you manage your time throughout the day.

With the different Ubuntu applications, people will have a faster time in doing their tasks as well as making it more organized than ever.