Best Video Apps

The new generation of devices has been developed various kinds of applications like menstrual calendar app. The most popular kind of application is video apps. With the use of our devices especially, video apps for iPhone, it is not just accompanied by video application itself. It is also combined with video sharing apps which enable the user to get a video and share with their friends. iPhone video apps are usually made with a highly defined resolution for more convenient and comfortable video watching. The examples of the best video apps for iPhone are the following:

  • iMovie: This is considered as one of the best iPhone video apps because it does not only let the users stream videos but also edit their own videos. It includes photos, music and sound effects.
  • 12 seconds: As part of the video apps for Android, it enables the user to make a photographic video in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is to select three different photos and a  12 seconds audio to create a video.
  • Cycorder: It is one of the free video apps that enables the user to film at a rate of up to 15 fps. It also produces a very good and presentable resolution.
  • Animoto: This is a slideshow video creator which is composed of 8 to 16 photos with 9 different music genres mixed up together in order to create a beautiful slideshow. Users can send it thru e-mail and share with your friends.
  • Qik: It is a video recording application with a combination of video sharing that is easily encoded to the live stream using the Qik website.

Android video apps are very popular in providing the best video apps because it comprises of HD resolution and quick navigation system. Thus, users can enjoy creating their own videos and share it to others.