Best Weight Loss Apps

Many of the best weight loss apps require some kind of external device.

Weight loss is probably the most popular resolution. There’s good reasons for that, but those who want to get the most out of their mobile devices for this sort of thing will want to know what the best weight loss apps are. There are a few top ones that people have heaped a lot of praise on, but it should be noted that some of these require a peripheral device. Therefore, those asking what is the best weight loss app should also ask if they really want to invest in something else as well.

1) Fooducate+ Weight Loss Diet

2800b435ac567c7220ed2bbc74e49d8eThis app is considered as a top contender, but it’s a lot different from most other weight loss programs. It’s a scientifically designed piece of software that focuses primarily on dietary restrictions. As a result it’s sort of like carrying around a dietician in the pocket that issues advice on how to purchase food. Thrifty shoppers might like some of the information it provides as well.



2) ShopWell Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner

ShopWell-app-300pxInstead of giving advice in the same way that Fooducate does, ShopWell allows users to actually scan bar codes and find out what doctors think of a particular food purchase. This is a very interesting method of slimming down, and the app even offers alternatives for those ready to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Those who are truly ready to make the jump might want to try this one first.



3) Lose It! Weight Loss Program

screen568x568 (2)While this is still one of the best weight loss apps it’s very different from the previous ones. Rather than give direct advice the program works like a calorie counter. What makes it so attractive is that it works right alongside doctor-approved diets. People who have a particular number of calories for a prescribed daily intake will find it particularly useful.



4) Daily Workouts

screen568x568 (3)Some people would consider this one of the most basic programs that could still be considered the best app for weight loss. It’s essentially a book or film guide that works very closely to a traditional exercise guide. Anyone who has followed exercise diagrams in the past should be very accustomed to the manner in which this app is used. That being said it’s always best to have a doctor sign off on an exercise program. Still many of these exercises are time tested and approved by a majority of the medical community.



5) UP by Jawbone

screen568x568 (4)UP is the quintessential peripheral application. It works great and can monitor a person’s progress quite intimately, but it’s really designed to work with a special wristband that a client purchases for use with the system. As a result it’s not really something that can be used on a standalone basis very well. Of course it works great for its intended purpose, but it doesn’t work great outside of it.