Best Wifi Apps

In the first year of the development of mobile phones, it has very minimal usage or function such as for SMS messaging and voice call only. However, through the years passed by, the capability of our mobile units improved into the peak stage where those devices are very useful in different aspects of our society. Moreover, the important development is the wifi operated phones which allow the users to connect to the internet with the use of wifi apps for free. But, these free wifi apps  (iphone 5 hotspot) can properly be used with the collaboration of Android wifi apps, apps killer for iphone 5scanner appsbarcode scanner appapp killer for iphone 4best savage apps. Let us explain some of the best wifi apps.

  • Auto wifi lite – is one of the wifi apps for iPhone and considered as a wifi detection app that enables to detect information like username and password. It can also detect wifi hotspot apps for you to stay connected.
  • Free wifi finder – is part of the best wifi apps for Android that instantly search for any free wifi hotspots and it can also name its location.
  • Wifitrak – gives you the list of public wifi access points that are near to you. It is also sorted from the most usable to the least usable wifi.
  • Pocket WiFi radar – is an ideal wifi application which is usually used by frequent travelers and mobile experts because it is handy and easy to manipulate. Notifications will be shown up in the form of cool animated radar.
  • Wifiget – is simple but yet very effective wifi finder which scans your current location to find potential open connections.

Wifi apps for Android and wifi apps for iPhone are considered as the most important applications which can help us to make our daily tasks easier and productive. It is also an effective source of information in a handy form.