Best Workout Apps

People nowadays are really having a hard time trying to squeeze a decent body workout because of their busy schedule. Good thing, app developers came up with workout applications that could give a solution to this problem. There is a selection of free workout apps, workout apps for android or fitness app and workout apps for iPhone as well.

  • Daily Arm Workout – This is a workout apps designed for the Android. This is available for free. This is a daily regimen for a workout on your arm, shoulders and chest that runs from 5 to 10 minutes. Definitely, one of the best workout apps.
  • Daily Cardio Workout – Another free Android workout apps is the Daily Cardio Workout. This is a 5 to 10 minute step by step workout for your heart. This is best suited for men and women you wanted to keep their hearts healthy.
  • C25K – This is another cool workout application for the Android. It helps users time their run with this application. This also monitors and tells whether you need to change pace on your running exercise. It tells whether you have to switch from walking to running or from the running to cooling down and at the same time enjoy your favorite music while doing the exercise.
  • iTreadmill – This amazing application helps users to accurately monitor their distance, speed and steps in every workout. If you just don’t have the time to go to the gym, this application is perfect for you. This is one the best workout apps for iphone.
  • iFitness – This is one the best paid iPhone workout apps developed. This includes a set of 230 different exercises categorized based on the body part that you are working out. You could also customize the exercises in this application to best suit you. Another best workout apps iphone available out there.

These amazing workout applications were designed for health conscious people out there. It doesn’t really matter even if you are too busy with your job. Developers have come up with these workout applications to best suit your busy lifestyle.