Camera360 Review

Camera360When working with a Camera360 review, it’s nice to remember that the interface is a lot easier to work with than most other photo editing packages for the iPhone. While this means that the application might not have all the features that other similar packages do, it’s better than getting beaten over the head with things that most users don’t need. It’s become surprisingly popular with international users lately as well.

Feature-Filled Camera360 Review

The interface is quite comfortable. A simple touch of the screen is usually all that’s needed to get things to work. When it’s applying something like a slight blur or setting the photo into a scene, it doesn’t take much more than a single touch. A few light taps are enough to get through the menu options, which was also rather nice all things considered.

The application may be useful for those who don’t have as good of a grasp of how to use their cellular device. That shouldn’t be taken as an insult at all, either. Rather, it shows that the interface was just designed that well.

Camera360 Review of Storage

Photos can be stored straight to the iPhone itself. It seems like the developers are trying to roll out some new cloud options, and there are other predictable storage methods as well. For instance, photos can be shared via Facebook with the touch of a button.

When photos are stored onto the iPhone directly, it’s a good idea to send them elsewhere if that’s at all possible. Some people might use dropbox to do this, while others could email it. It would have been nice for the app to give users more storage options to work with.

Camera360 Review Takeaways

What the average Camera360 review won’t tell users is that they’re in for some fun surprises if they mess around with things like the filters for long enough. There’s a lot to be explored in this application. That’s really impressive considering how the interface is designed so that everyone can work with it. The developers never decided to dumb it down, and rather just wanted to make some useable.