Cell Phone Tracking App

Oftentimes people who read about cell phone tracking app software like iphone tracker app are worried about the possibility of loosing a device. They’ll need to have the software installed on a pair of devices in order to ensure that they will always be able to find their phones or tablets in the future. Some software can function with desktop or laptop hardware, which can help those who only have one phone in their house.

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It would be easy to confuse a regular cell phone tracking app with the methods used to track cell phones used by law enforcement agencies. The good news, though, is that most users can actually install their own tracking software without having to rely on any outside authorities. This should perk up the ears of anyone who has lost a phone in a public place before.

Of course, it’s best not to go in blind. A list of the top five cell phone tracking apps should help users to make an educated decision.

Find My iPhone

screen568x568 (6)screen568x568 (7)The number one cell phone tracking app programs on most lists is Find My iPhone. It’s gotten so popular that most people just call it Find my Phone at this point, though people shouldn’t mistake that to mean that it’s a cross platform design.

The app locates an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or even an Apple Macintosh. It then places it on a map. It can force the device to play a sound for 120 seconds, even if it’s been set to silent. That’s excellent for those times when people have dumped a phone somewhere and it may be sitting in-between cushions.

Safety measures provided by the app are among the most popular features it provides. Users can remotely lock their device by setting a password if it’s been lost, and then can even erase everything on it. That’s superb for times when someone has to assume that there’s no way to save his or her phone.

While this particular cell phone tracking app is free, it does require an iCloud account. These are actually free as well, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Devices under iOS 6 can’t use the Lost Mode. This is a major disadvantage of this app, and has even forced some people to get an upgrade.

MobiWee Pro

132229-free-mobile-phone-tracking-gps-2fmimg3399879544596179445_257x386Most lists would show MobiWee Pro as a top contender in the field of cell phone tracking app downloads, and there is a good reason for that. It offers remote backup, restore, delete and contact functions. This is great for users who have to get a piece of information off of a lost phone, or even have to purge it.

Uploading file lists can be a real breeze with the features. It works with Windows Phone, Google Android, iOS and even BlackBerry phones. However, there is one problem with it.

MobiWee is only free while the client is in beta testing. Eventually the updated professional client will come with an attached price tag.

Cell Phone Tracker

unnamedunnamed (1)This helpfully named Google Android app using GPS location technology. Fortunately it works with the majority of cell phone provides in North America. Some people have reported that their preferred service has problems working with a particular app, so this should provide peace of mind to those who have experienced those sorts of problems.

Some of the features are useful for those trying to monitor services used by their children. SMS content alerts are provided for objectionable content sent from a particular device, for instance. Those attempting to track lost phones, however, won’t find these necessary or even particularly useful.

The service works free for about a week. It is a professional premium app, unfortunately, and that does mean that this is only a trial. That’s probably the biggest disadvantage.

GPS Tracking Pro

unnamedunnamed (1)This Android app has some strong advantages, which still help it to break the top five list, but it does have some problems. It’s an excellent service for those monitoring the location of a particular device. It can work with older devices, which is a major help to those who are getting some extra mileage out of their older phones. It continues to work with phones that are out of satellite view by triangulating the position based on the locations of cellular towers.

As with many of these apps, however, it suffers from some disadvantages in the accuracy department. What makes this particularly concerning is the fact that this particular app has gone to great lengths to promote itself as the most accurate one out there.


2687-3-fonehome-phone-tracker-findThere’s no other cell phone tracking app that’s quite as complete as FoneHome. It’s comprehensive and even allows users to remotely take photographs from their camera. The app can make a loud siren noise to ensure that users can locate their device without too much trouble. The app can be integrated with Google Latitude, and it’s even optimized to ensure that it doesn’t run down a battery.

On the other hand, the app does cost money. Certain users may not want to pay for it, but then again it can be considered a small price for this kind of power. Still, the cost does show up as a disadvantage when comparing it to similar pieces of software like Find my iPhone. Nevertheless, it still does earn a place in the top five because of the numerous functions that it really does excel at.

What to Look Out For

There are some so-called spy apps for cellular phones. Users shouldn’t go around messing with these. Many companies have tried to market less official pieces of software and many of these can be dangerous or even unlawful to use. Stick to official software that has tracking in mind for legitimate real purposes to avoid any of the unfortunate problems that can come from using sketchy software. This is generally good advice when looking for any kind of app actually.