Charity Miles Review

screen568x568screen568x568 (1)Most charity miles app review pages focus on the fact that the app earns money for charities. Some people have become suspicious as to how it works. Fortunately the app simply works with sponsors. Lifeway Foods, Humana, Timex Sports and other organizations sponsored the iOS version, and it’s easy to imagine that the app functions similarly when it’s run on other mobile phone operating systems.

How It Earns Cash

charity_milesPeople who want to measure how far they walk, run or ride a bicycle set up the application. It measures and maps out the path that they go. This makes it already useful out of the box in a way that is totally unrelated to the charity aspects of its operating. Nevertheless, this pragmatic option should encourage people to use it.

When people bike a mile they earn 10 cents for their selected charity. Those who walk or run earn 25 cents. Corporate sponsors pay for the actual donations. This resembles the business model that many click donate charities have. On those websites you simply visit a site and click on an object, which then generates an amount of money for a charity. Interested parties should realize, however, that running the GPS background service a great deal will have an influence on the battery life of some devices. Most runners will probably already realize that however. In addition, the terms of service should be read closely to ensure the money is being donated. Otherwise the actual donations that are generated might end up not going to the right place. Once again, though, this is same kind of warning with every app.

Options Include:

  • Separate features for biking, walking and running
  • Charity donation features
  • Some forms of social network connectivity
  • A number of different charities supported
  • Constant monitoring of the amount of distance covered throughout the work out
  • Encouragement to keep up with the exercise regimen, since its now for a good cause.

Looking at the Application

After having read a charity miles app review, some people are still concerned about the legitimacy but they really should still make an effort to download it any way. The app allows people to choose between different charities. It should be the merits of these charities and not the merits of the software itself that ultimately defines how people use the program.