Chess Pro Review

Playing a Game on iPad through Chess Pro with Coach
While Chess Pro costs around $10, it really is worth it. Most people who try to improve their chess game do so through following published games or reading books on the topic. Chess books have made many grandmasters wealthy, but they are not a substitute for playing chess.

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Chess Pro for iPad is based on a different ideology. Instead of reading lesson material, turning on the coach in Chess Pro allows you to see several strong moves that you could potentially take. Over time players who continue to play with the coach will start to pick up the best moves in any situation.

Those who are rank beginners can also take a look at the rules at any time. Tapping on a piece shows you all of its legal moves. The coach’s multi-best mode shows the four best moves at any given time. Chess Pro can also provide a warning when the opposition is ready to make a particularly strong move.

Chess Pro Review 1Chess Pro Review 2Chess Pro Review 3Chess Pro Review 4Variety of Choices from Chess Pro with Coach

There are 28 difficulty levels for those who want to set themselves up for a challenge. That being said there are some options that will please beginners as well as fans of traditional chess lessons. Over 3,600 historical games are included in the app. Philidor, Steinitz and Capablanca are some of the grandmasters who have games included in this collection.

That actually sets it apart from other pieces of chess software, since most coaches now focus on hypermodernism as opposed to traditional ways of playing the game. The Chess Tiger engine that the software employs can play at a level close to around 2700. That places it pretty close to grandmasters like Nakamura Hikaru. Those who don’t like the look of the set can easily change it.

Pick Your Option with Chess Pro

While marble, blue marble, ebony, metal and glass are all present, there are even options that can make the board look like it’s a printed chess problem in an old newspaper. This was certainly a pretty creative choice on behalf of the software engineers who made the app, and it shows that they actually put a lot of effort into the interface as well as the engine.