Colorstrokes vs Color Effects: Who’ll Win the Battle of the Best Picture Effect Apps

coloreffectsprocolorstrokes_v21_iph5_screen1-2large-642x569It may surprise some people, but Color Effects and Colorstrokes really aren’t all that different from one another.

People are always debating whether the Colorstrokes app is better than Color Effects and vice versa. Creating images that are primarily monochrome but have a touch of color has become something of a fad for the last few years. It shows no signs of going away anytime soon, so people will probably be downloading some picture effect apps for a long time now. It’s best to compare the two to make a good decision, but both of these programs work quite well.

What Effects Gives Consumers

The best part about the Color Effects app is that it’s free. No punches should be pulled here. It can change up or even remove colors from an image, and in the end this is what really matters. Now, the app does this through selecting a space and altering the data inside of it. It takes a little skill to get used to this system. With some practice anyone should be able to do it, but it certainly will take a degree of practice in order to do it effectively. Those who can, though, are able to complete a ton of images quite quickly to be honest.

What ColorStrokes Has to Offer

The manner of selecting spaces in Colorstrokes app is much more precise. Beginners will certainly prefer it to the competition when it comes to actually getting down to the editing. Now, the interfaces are actually pretty close, but the operation is slightly different. This gives it a clear advantage in this respect over the competing color effects app. One might expect this to close the book, but it doesn’t because of another difference.

Who Will Win

The Color Effects program might very well win the picture effect apps war merely because it’s free. Consumers are always downloading free apps that they actually don’t even need. When it comes to things that they will use, the free app will certainly win out. That being said, frustrated users will start to go over to ColorStrokes. It really only costs $2.99 and while this might be enough to scare off some people, professional users will certainly want it. The ability to do things even faster than usually is merely too good to pass up, but there is one other metric to compare things by.

According to the iTunes app store, 15.3 MB is the measurement that ColorStrokes clocks in at. Effects weigh in at a leaner 4.4 MB. Some users might be really startled by the larger file size and this could scare them into using leaner software. There’s nothing wrong with this way of thinking, considering that many pieces of software at such large sizes can easily gum up a phone. This is something that frequent users will want avoid, since they need a lot of space left over for their images.